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Administrative Decisions Tribunal


What does the tribunal do?


The tribunal has three main functions:

1. To review specific administrative decisions of the New South Wales Government Agencies;

2. To resolve discrimination and retail lease disputes; and

3. To exercise disciplinary and regulatory functions over a range of professional and occupational groups.


It also has an Appeal panel and six Divisions:

1. The General Division which mainly reviews decisions of government agencies,

2. The Community Services Division which reviews decisions made by the NSW Government agencies in the Community Services sector.

3. The Revenue Division, which reviews certain decision made by the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue.

4. The Legal Services Division which primarily deals with complaints regarding the conduct of legal practitioners.

5. The Equal Opportunity Division, which deals with complaints regarding discrimination, harassment, vilification and many others.

6. The Retail Leases Division, which hears retail tenancy claims and unconscionable conduct claims under the Retail Leases Act 1994.


Who can appear?


Who can appear will vary on the applicable division but it will also vary on what division it is. For example the General Division “Application for Review” must be made within 28 days of the government agencies decision. However under the Retail Leases division before you apply to the tribunal you must refer the dispute to the Registrar of the Retail Tenancy Unit for mediation.

Tribunal Location


The Administrative Decisions Tribunal of New South Wales is located on Level 15, at 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney in the St James Centre.

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