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Children’s Court Clinic


What does this court do?

This court provides clinical assessment of children, young people and their families for the Children’s Court. These independent, expert assessments are used by Children’s Court Magistrates and Judges when making their decisions.

Who can appear?


In order to obtain a clinical assessment the “Application to the Children’s Court for Assessment Order” form must be presented to the court. Any party to a care application can make this application.

The court will then decide whether to make an assessment order. It will take into consideration whether the information can be obtained somewhere else and whether or not the assessment will produce any unnecessary distress to the child or young person.

Another important requirement for the assessment order is that there has to be valid consent from the person being assessed. A child or a young person can refuse to submit to an assessment if he or she has sufficient understanding in order to be able to make the decision.

Court Location

The court has two locations, one is Parramatta as part of the Children’s Court, and the other at Broadmeadow.

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