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Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT)


What does the tribunal do and who can appear?

The tribunal merged with the Fair Trading Tribunal and the Residential Tribunal in 2002 to create the new body: The Consumer Trader & Tenancy Tribunal. The CTTT is an independent decision making body that offers a dispute resolution service. It first tries to help the parties work out their own solution to the problem and if that does not work it can resolve the dispute by making orders. The orders of the CTTT are legally binding and must be obeyed.

The CTTT has nine different divisions and each division has its own legislation, jurisdictional limited and case management practices:

1. Tenancy deals with common disputes such as termination of agreement, rental bond, rent increases etc.

2. Social Housing deals with termination of housing tenancy agreement, breaches, water usage charges, previous debts, rent increases etc.

3. General – this division is concerned with claims by consumers against a business concerning the supply of good or services up to the value of $30,000.

4. Home Building deals with home building disputes such as non-payment, defective work, insurance and many other disputes but it is only concerned with work up to the value of $500,000.

5. Motor Vehicles this is the division which allows consumer to make an application about a dispute about a new or used car purchased from a motor dealer, or if they are unhappy with repairs performed the vehicle.

6. Strata and Community Schemes this division deals with strata living and disputes arising out of noise, damage to common property, pets etc.

7. Residential Parks – this division is concerned with disputes arising out of residential park living such as breaches of the agreement, notice of termination, rent and bond issues etc.

8. Retirement Villages this division is concerned with disputes arising out of retirement village living disputes such as the terms of the agreement, the legality of village rule etc.

9. Commercial this division primarily deals with credit matters, appeals against Travel Compensation Fund decisions and commission fees charged by agents.

Tribunal Location

In Sydney the CTTT is located in Sydney City Castlereagh Street, Hurstville, Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith. The regional registry offices are in Newcastle, Tamworth and Wollongong.

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