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Coroner’s Court


What does this court do?

The court inquires into the circumstances surrounding reported deaths within NSW and determines the cause of death. Further to that, the Coroner also has jurisdiction to inquire into fires and explosions where people have been injured or where property has been destroyed or damaged.

A court hearing is called an inquest and this is where a Coroner considers information to help determine the manner and cause of death.

At the inquest the Coroner will:

  • Determine the identity of the deceased. 

  • Inquire into the date, place, cause and manner of death. 

  • Bring to notice any changes to policy or laws which result from the inquest in order to prevent similar deaths in the future. 

Who can appear?

Any person, who in the opinion of the Coroner has a sufficient interest in the inquest, may apply in writing for permission to appear at the inquest.

Court Location

The court is located on 44 – 46 Parramatta Rd, Glebe, Sydney.

There are also Coroners situated in Local Courts around New South Wales.

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