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Drug Court


The Drug Court of NSW is a highly specialised court that deals with offenders who a dependant on drugs. The aim of the court is to assist drug-dependant offenders to overcome their drug dependence and their criminal offending.

What does this court do?

The Court provides a drug dependant offender program, whereby the offender will participate in a program tailored to his or her specific needs. The treatment options range from abstinence, methadone and buprenorphine and ongoing psychiatric treatments. The program takes at least 12 months to complete successfully.

Who can appear?

In order to be eligible for the Drug Court a person must:

  • Be highly likely to receive a full time imprisonment sentence if convicted; 

  • Have indicated that he or she will plead guilty to the offence; 

  • Be dependent on the use of prohibited drugs; 

  • Reside within the catchment area (specified areas of Western Sydney); 

  • Be referred from a court in the catchment area; 

  • Be 18 years of age or over; and 

  • Be willing to participate.

Court Location

The Drug Court is located at Sydney West Trial Complex, Level 1, 6 George Street Parramatta.

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