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Guardianship Tribunal


The Guardianship Tribunal is a legal tribunal that protects and empowers people living with a disability. It makes decisions for people with disabilities who lack the capacity to make certain decisions for themselves. The Tribunal does this by appointing guardians and financial managers.

What does the Tribunal do?

The Guardianship Tribunal can do the following with regards to enduring guardians:

  • Suspend, revoke, confirm or vary the appointment made 

  • Can declare that the appointment has effect. 

  • Can appoint a substitute enduring guardian. 

  • Can remove attorneys and appoint a substitute. 

  • Can reinstate lapsed power of attorneys. 

Who can appear at the Tribunal?

The person who makes the application needs a guardian if he or she:

  • Has a disability; 

  • Is incapable of making their own lifestyle decisions; and 

  • Needs a guardian. 

A person will need a financial manager if he or she:

  • Is incapable of managing their own affairs; and 

  • A financial manager needs to be appointed; and 

  • It is in the person’s best interests that the order be made. 

Tribunal Location

The Guardianship Tribunal’s only location is Sydney at 2a Rowntree Street, Balmain.

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