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National Native Title Tribunal


What does this Tribunal do?

The tribunal assist people with their native title claims. It does this by:

  • Applying the registration test to native title claimant applications. 

  • Mediating native title claims under the direction of the Federal Court of Australia. 

  • Maintaining the Register of Native Title Claims, the National Native Title Register and the Register of Indigenous Land Use Agreements. 

  • Makes arbitral decisions about some future act matters. 

  • Negotiating other sorts of agreements, such as indigenous land use agreements.


Who can appear?

Claimant applications are made by Indigenous people for a determination that native title exists in a particular area of land or waters. Non-claimant applications are made by someone who does not claim to have native title to an area but who seeks a determination that native title does or does not exist in the area.

 Compensation applications are made by Indigenous Australians seeking compensation for loss or impairment of native title.

Tribunal’s Location

The Tribunal’s principal and WA registries are located in Perth. Registries are also located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne and Sydney.

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