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Victims Compensation Commission


The Commission is part of Victims Services as part of the Department of Justice and Attorney General.

What does the Commission do?

The Tribunals magistrates determine appeals against determinations and make orders for the recovery of monies from convicted offenders.

The compensation assessors make the determinations with regards to compensation claims as well as the approval of counselling applications.

Who can appear at the Commission?

  • A person seeking a review of a determination made by the Compensation Assessor/Tribunal. 

  • A defendant seeking to object to a Provisional restitution order. 

  • Victims of compensation such as the primary victim, the immediate family of a homicide victim, an injured witness etc.

Time Limits

The time limitation of 3 months applies to all appeals lodged with the tribunal.

 When applying for Victims Compensation time limits also apply, the application must be lodged within 2 years of the date of the act of violence. If the violence happened over a period of time then the time limit is two years from the last act of the violence.

Commission’s Location

The tribunal is only located in Sydney in Parramatta on 160 Marsden Street.

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